New Portfolio Added – Needle Felted Art

Over the past year and a half I’ve been making Christmas gifts with a wonderful hobby called needle felting. The process begins with a clump of wool and a special barbed needle which grabs the wool and weaves it into itself. Anyone who has ever accidentally hot washed a wool sweater knows how easy it is to felt wool (due to the nature of wool hair sticking to itself through it’s texture), and needle felting takes advantage of this. The process of forming the shape goes quickly, usually in just a few hours or a couple days if there are multiple pieces to join together. The detailing takes much longer, sometimes a full week or two because of all the little wool hairs that need to be smoothed or shaped.

Wool is 100% natural and safe, and the wire free critters make great toys for young children (or the young at heart). Wired critters are more suited for older children and up, and can be posed. While needle felting is a relatively newer way to felt wool, humans have been using felt for thousands of years. Some of the earliest archaeological pieces of felt come from the fifth century BC. Needle felting certainly feels like doing something that is time honored and ancient with a little bit of a modern twist.

I find that I really enjoy making cute things, and it’s difficult to not feel happy when something adorable is forming in your hands. While I’m not as detailed as other needle felt artists, my goal with my needle felting is to make things that make people happy. Since most of my needle felted art has been sold or gifted, I’m keeping a gallery here to show you what I have made. Click the angel mousie below to see some more of my needle felted creations!

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