New ACEO Miniature Paintings available

The ACEO category of the shop now includes these 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 trading card sized original watercolor paintings at a reasonable price for original art! Each original painting was created on acid free watercolor paper and cut down to trading card size.

ACEO, which is the acronym for Art Cards and Originals, comes from the tradition of ATCs, another acronym which means Art Trading Cards. Art Trading Cards have been used since Renaissance times where artists would trade with other artists so they could study each others’ techniques. In modern times, Art Trading Cards gained the popular sports card size. The main difference between an ATC and ACEO is how they are distributed. ATCs are mainly traded, while ACEOs are sold. ACEOs are a great way for anyone to collect original art without paying for the price of larger sized paintings. ACEO paintings fit perfectly inside trading card or baseball card frames, sleeves, and albums. Add some original art to your trading card collection!

New on the ACEO store page are the two Elf Sisters (sold separately), a manga comic styled Redhead Elf, and the sci-fi themed Planetscape. These paintings are extra unique because they were created before I got married, and are signed on the back with my maiden name!

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