Free graphic for allies of faith….

This is something I made in response to recent events (Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, 2016), and especially because I consider myself a spiritual person, I wanted to share the most beautiful aspect of my faith I could think of.

Everyone of faith has opinions, and not everyone is going to agree with each other about the many aspects of faith. Everyone of faith has opinions, but some of them have been used as judgmental and hurtful weapons aimed at hurting people who have been victims of violent attacks due to their religious, ethnic, or sexual orientation. I have to make a stand against the groups and institutions who are hurting the broken even further through judgement and condemnation, partly because I need to apologize for the actions of some who claim my faith, and partly because the love that is central to my faith is supposed to bring healing and life to the world.

Everyone of faith has differing beliefs about what truth is, and even within a single faith tradition such as Christianity, there can be a wide disagreement about what truth is. The one truth that we should all agree on, no matter which denomination, faith tradition, or religion we follow is the truth about love. For my faith tradition, the Bible verses quoted in the graphic speak volumes to me about how we are supposed to treat each other, and I would even argue that these words supersede all the other “truths” that I believe in. Love is the law and prophets, love is the way we know God, love is who God is. If we can’t love those with whom we share differing beliefs, lifestyles, and morals, then we don’t know God. Period. Love is always first, and love guides us in how we interact with the rest of the world. God is love, and that’s what we should also be.

I created this for those who think like me to share (clicking on the image will lead to the full size image). This graphic is completely free to use for any purpose. Share, show love, be light. Peace to all.

God is Love

©2016 Sonya Ireland. (There is no need to credit me, just don’t take credit for someone else’s gift.)

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