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About Me Q&A

1. What are your credentials?

I have an associates degree in Visual Arts, and the portfolio on this website which shows some of my technique and style.

2.  What are your influences?

As a child my playground were the fields and forests around my backyard, so I grew up immersed in nature, which is my biggest influence.  My grandmother also read fairy tales to me, and later that evolved into a love for fantasy themes.

3. What mediums do you use?

I work in a variety of mediums, but I definitely enjoy watercolor the best.  That is seconded by pen and ink which is often paired with watercolor.  I also work digitally with photoshop.

4.  Are you really Irish?

Nope, my name comes from my husband (sorry boys).  I’m actually an American mutt with ancestry in German, Russian, Latvian, Italian, Polish, and a few other things I can’t remember.

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