New Portfolio Added – Needle Felted Art

Over the past year and a half I’ve been making Christmas gifts with a wonderful hobby called needle felting. The process begins with a clump of wool and a special barbed needle which grabs the wool and weaves it into itself. Anyone who has ever accidentally hot washed a wool sweater knows how easy it is to felt wool (due to the nature of wool hair sticking to itself through it’s texture), and needle felting takes advantage of this. The process of forming the shape goes quickly, usually in just a few hours or a couple days if there are multiple pieces to join together. The detailing takes much longer, sometimes a full week or two because of all the little wool hairs that need to be smoothed or shaped.

Wool is 100% natural and safe, and the wire free critters make great toys for young children (or the young at heart). Wired critters are more suited for older children and up, and can be posed. While needle felting is a relatively newer way to felt wool, humans have been using felt for thousands of years. Some of the earliest archaeological pieces of felt come from the fifth century BC. Needle felting certainly feels like doing something that is time honored and ancient with a little bit of a modern twist.

I find that I really enjoy making cute things, and it’s difficult to not feel happy when something adorable is forming in your hands. While I’m not as detailed as other needle felt artists, my goal with my needle felting is to make things that make people happy. Since most of my needle felted art has been sold or gifted, I’m keeping a gallery here to show you what I have made. Click the angel mousie below to see some more of my needle felted creations!

New ACEO Miniature Paintings available

The ACEO category of the shop now includes these 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 trading card sized original watercolor paintings at a reasonable price for original art! Each original painting was created on acid free watercolor paper and cut down to trading card size.

ACEO, which is the acronym for Art Cards and Originals, comes from the tradition of ATCs, another acronym which means Art Trading Cards. Art Trading Cards have been used since Renaissance times where artists would trade with other artists so they could study each others’ techniques. In modern times, Art Trading Cards gained the popular sports card size. The main difference between an ATC and ACEO is how they are distributed. ATCs are mainly traded, while ACEOs are sold. ACEOs are a great way for anyone to collect original art without paying for the price of larger sized paintings. ACEO paintings fit perfectly inside trading card or baseball card frames, sleeves, and albums. Add some original art to your trading card collection!

New on the ACEO store page are the two Elf Sisters (sold separately), a manga comic styled Redhead Elf, and the sci-fi themed Planetscape. These paintings are extra unique because they were created before I got married, and are signed on the back with my maiden name!

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Free Coloring Pages now available!

I have updated some very old coloring page image files and posted them here in the products section for FREE!  These were originally made for the many kids I used to babysit, nanny, and work with in preschools. The originals were hand drawn the old fashioned way, so there will be minor variations in the pixels when zoomed in very large.  To download them, go to the Coloring Pages store page by clicking my fairy friend below! Click on the images you want, and then right click and save the large image that pops up.  Print them and color, patternize, and embellish to your creativity’s content! If you print copies to share, please keep the copyright and url info on the prints. Enjoy!

High Quality Prints now available at

High quality prints of all my best art can now be ordered through Imagekind. This print service will show you previews of how art might look on your wall, and you can even create prints on canvas if you prefer that to a frame. If you need a fairy or a watercolor moon to decorate a room with, check out my ImageKind shop at

Free graphic for allies of faith….

This is something I made in response to recent events (Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, 2016), and especially because I consider myself a spiritual person, I wanted to share the most beautiful aspect of my faith I could think of.

Everyone of faith has opinions, and not everyone is going to agree with each other about the many aspects of faith. Everyone of faith has opinions, but some of them have been used as judgmental and hurtful weapons aimed at hurting people who have been victims of violent attacks due to their religious, ethnic, or sexual orientation. I have to make a stand against the groups and institutions who are hurting the broken even further through judgement and condemnation, partly because I need to apologize for the actions of some who claim my faith, and partly because the love that is central to my faith is supposed to bring healing and life to the world.

Everyone of faith has differing beliefs about what truth is, and even within a single faith tradition such as Christianity, there can be a wide disagreement about what truth is. The one truth that we should all agree on, no matter which denomination, faith tradition, or religion we follow is the truth about love. For my faith tradition, the Bible verses quoted in the graphic speak volumes to me about how we are supposed to treat each other, and I would even argue that these words supersede all the other “truths” that I believe in. Love is the law and prophets, love is the way we know God, love is who God is. If we can’t love those with whom we share differing beliefs, lifestyles, and morals, then we don’t know God. Period. Love is always first, and love guides us in how we interact with the rest of the world. God is love, and that’s what we should also be.

I created this for those who think like me to share (clicking on the image will lead to the full size image). This graphic is completely free to use for any purpose. Share, show love, be light. Peace to all.

God is Love

©2016 Sonya Ireland. (There is no need to credit me, just don’t take credit for someone else’s gift.)